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Unio H Tiwanon


Concept: High Rise Condo with reasonable price near MRT Purple Line (Yaek Tiwanon Station)

Helix Company Limited

(Affiliate of Ananda Development public co. ltd)

Unio H Tiwanon is located on an inbound side of Bangkok-Nonthaburi Road (Between Soi Krungthep-Nonthaburi 12-14). It is close to MRT Purple Line Yaek Tiwanon Station (about 100 meters) and Si Rat Expressway (ring road).

Project details

Project Owner Helix Company Limited
Project area 1-2-24.8 Rai
Building Type 37 stories, 1 building
No. of Residential units 378 units
Facilities Swimming pool
Garden (1st floor, 8th floor, and Rooftop)
Jogging Track
Laundry room
ทีParking space 160 parking lot (42%, excluding double parking)
Coordinates 13.839838, 100.515024
Phone number 02-009-3093
Website Unio H Tiwanon


Unio H Tiwanon is located next to Bangkok-Nonthaburi Road, connect to several important road lines, such as Ratchadaphisek Road, Wongsawang Road, Nakorn In Road, and Tiwanon Road.

Important Transport Connection.

It only takes 2 to 3-minute or about 100 meters walk to MRT Purple Line Yaek Tiwanon Station.
Only 3 stations from Yaek Tiwanon Station, you can access Tao Poon Station (Interchange Station) for MRT Blue Line (Chaloem Ratchamongkhon) which is an extended route from Bang Sue Station.

There are other transport routes within 2-station from Yaek Tiwanon Station which are under construction and already in the plan, such as SRT (Suburban Mass Transit System) Red lines Bang Sue - Taling Chan and Blue Line (Tao Poon - Tha Phra).
SRT Red Line Bang Sue - Taling Chan is a new extension route from Bang Sue BTS station and which will connect to MRT Purple Line on Bang Son station (2 stations away from Yaek Tiwanon station). It is expected to be opened in 2022.
MRT Blue line (Tao Poon - Thapra) is an extension route across the Thonburi side which expected to be open for service in 2020.

Although, Yaek Tiwanon Station is not an interchange station; the area is full of various transport modes. It only takes 2-3 stations to connect with other mass transit lines.
For car drivers, Unio H Tiwanon is located near Sri Rat Expressway (Ring Road). You can access via a shortcut on Soi Krungthep-Nonthaburi 12 and drive through Soi Duangmani to enter Ngamwongwan expressway checkpoint or to access Ngamwongwan Road.

Soi Bangkok-Nonthaburi 12 is a shortcut to Si Rat Expressway.

Distance from important transportation nodes.

Surrounding Amenities

Within 3 kilometers of the projects, there are many shopping centers, such as Big C Tiwanon, Big C Wongsawang, Lotus Rattanathibet, and Esplanade Cineplex Ngamwongwan. - Khae Rai.
The Mall Ngamwongwan, a large department store in this area, may be further than 3 kilometers from the project. But you can easily access by a minibus from Soi Bangkok-Nonthaburi 12.
Moreover, there are other amenities around the project which are a hospital (Kasemrad Hospital), educational institutions such as university (King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok) and a famous high school (Yothinburana School), and landmarks such as Nonthaburi Civic Center and the Ministry of Public Health. As you can see, this area caters all your needs for residential and work-life in the Nonthaburi city center.

Walking distance to surrounding amenities.

Project’s site plan looks like a pentagon shape. A gateway is wide enough to serve car lanes, footpath, and a small garden.

The entrance and exit of the project is clearly separated by a garden.

The room positioning design is impressive. The maximum number of units per floor is only 14, which is far less compared to other condominiums with an average price of baht per square meter (price from March 2019).
Unio H Tiwanon has a striking floor plan design, the elevators are positioned at the core of the building, close to every room but also not adjacent to any rooms.

When analyzing the project plan, the elevator’s hall is located at the center of the building.


Inside the 37-storey high rise condominium, facilities are mainly on the 8th-9th floor;such as swimming pool, fitness room, male and female separated saunas. While other facilities such as gardens, scenic spots, and Jogging Track are on the rooftop floor.
Parking lots are on the 1st floor, including parking space surrounded the building, and on 2nd-7th floors. The project has a total of 160 parking lots or 42% parking ratio, excluding double parking). There are 4 elevators in total, which are 3 residential elevators and 1 service elevator. It serves an average of 5 residential unit per elevator (calculated from the number of 14 rooms per floor).
The providing amenities and parking spaces are considered sufficient for 378 residential units.

Unit Type

The project has 14 unit types which can be divided into 3 main types according to the function of use: studio, 1 bedroom, and 1 bedroom plus.

  • Studio : varies from 24.3-25.7 square meters, Unit types: A
  • 1 bedroom : Room size varies from 28.3-33.5 square meters, Unit types: B, C
  • 1 bedroom plus: Room size varies from 42.8-43.8 square meters, Unit types: D

Studio: 24.3 sq.m. (Unit types: A2-M)

This is the best-selling room type of the project. The Studio type has only one layout design which can be in a reverse layout (Mirror Room) and different position on the building plan.
When you enter the room, first you will be in the shoe cabinet and the washing machine area (for A1 and A1M unit types, washing machines are on the balcony instead). Then a pantry and a dining area, a living room, and a balcony.
The bedroom is placed at the end of the room with a bathroom that can only be accessed from the bedside. Although the room is not divided, you can insert a partition to create a more private space.
You can enjoy a view from your living room and within the bedroom. This type of room is suitable for 1 - 2 residents who want extra space than private space. However, you can easily insert a partition in the future.

360° Virtual View

1 bedroom: 32.3 sq.m. (Unit type: B2-M)

The best-selling unit type for 1-bedroom is B2-M Type. It is designed to support those who prefer a separable private room than a broad area like the studio room. By separating the living room and the bedroom, it creates a functional space.
When first entering the room, you will find a pantry and the bathroom. Further inside is the living room and the entrance to the bedroom. Next to the living room is a balcony which you can enjoy the view.
This type of room has only one bathroom with 2 doors that can be accessed both from the bedroom and the living room. The sliding door to the bathroom from the living room gives a flexible usage. When you have visitors, they can enter the bathroom without going through the bedroom. However, if you want more privacy, the sliding door can be locked from the inside and make it accessible only from the bedroom.

Bathroom’s sliding door can be accessed from the living room.

One-bedroom type is designed to have a hidden dining table under the kitchen counter which helps to save more space for the room.

Dining table is hidden under the kitchen counter.

360° Virtual Tour

1 bedroom: 32.5 sq.m. (Unit type: C-M)

C-M unit types are similar to the B2-M unit type which has 1-bedroom and 1-bathroom. However, they have a bigger living room and a wider layout which makes the room looks more spacious. The balcony also has a greater width, giving you more space to enjoy the view from your living room.

When entering the room, you will face a pantry and dining area along with a living room, then a door to the bedroom.
There is a wide-layout bathroom inside a bedroom is similar to B2M unit type, it can be accessed both from a living room and a bedroom which gives a flexible usage. When you have visitors, they can enter the bathroom without going through the bedroom.
For more privacy, you can lock the sliding door and make it only accessible from the bedroom. This type of room is suitable for 1-2 residents who prefer a more separated private space.

360° Virtual Tour

1-Bedroom Plus: 43.8 sq.m. (Unit type: D2-M)

This room type has the size of 43.8 square meters with 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom, and additional multipurpose area (This additional area is what “Plus” means). You can build a partition to transform a multipurpose area into a private working room or another small-size bedroom with a width of 3.8 meters.
Multipurpose area for Unit type D.

360° Virtual Tour

There are only 8 rooms for the Type-D in the entire project which are on the 8th-9th floor (The same level as a common area and facilities) and the 36th floor.
When entering the room, you will be at the shoe cabinet area. Next is a kitchen, a pantry, dining area and living area next to a multipurpose area. The bedroom is at the far end of the room.
The bathroom can beaccessed by both a bedroom and a living room, similar to other 1-bedroom types.


1. Project plan design.

Many of you may be familiar with the UNIO brands such as Unio Sukhumvit 72 or Unio Ramkhamhaeng-Seri Thai. Most of the UNIO project are named according to their locations. However, this project’s name “UNIO H” may sound different from other UNIO brands. You might be wondering what does "H" stand for.
"H" is the shape of the hallway that looks like character “H”

H-shaped corridor.

As mentioned earlier, this layout is designed to isolate elevators which means it will not be attached to any rooms. In addition, most of the rooms will have a single corridor or single side hall which gives a private atmosphere. When you open the door, you will not face any opposite room. Rooms with the single corridor are the Type B, 1-Bedroom type.

2. Number of residential units

It is considered rare to find such a peaceful condominium with a low number of units in the price ranges of 7x,xxx Baht per sq.m (price in March 2019). Unio H Tiwanon is a 37-story high-rise project with 378 residential units or only 14 units per floor. It is suitable for a peaceful and calm living atmosphere.
Unio H Tiwanon offers a complete range of facilities in the common areas, such as a 6.5 x 18.8 meters swimming pool, heated pool, sauna room, jogging track, situated on the 1st, 8th, 9th, 36th floor, and the rooftop. It allows residents to freely use the facilities without getting too crowded in one place. The project has provided the best facilities in terms of quality and quantity.

Examples of facilities on each floor of the project

3. Located in a potential location.

The project is located near the beginning of the MRT Purple Line, surrounded by workplaces and amenities which meet your lifestyles. The price is considered reasonable price as it is in a potential location, surrounded by various transport modes, such as MRT Blue line (Tao Poon - Thapra) and SRT red line train (Bang Sue - Taling Chan), which is expected to be opened in 2020 and 2022.
The price starts from 1.79 million baht for a fully-fitted room; it comes with home appliances such as a kitchen, an air conditioner ,and a sanitary ware.
If you’re interested, the project is ready to move-in starting in April 2019. You can visit a sale office on the 1st floor of the project which opens every day from 9.00-18.00. You can also contact Unio H Tiwanon via Line: Helix or call 02-032-2222, 24 hours a day.