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Thana Astoria Pinklao


An Art-deco style condominium in Thonburi area, Bangkok, conveniently located next to MRT metro station and 3 bridges across Chao Phraya river.

By ThanaLand Co. Ltd

Thana Astoria Pinklao is in a prime location on Charansanitwong road (between Soi 44-46). Only 150 meters away from Bang Yi Khan MRT Station. It can easily connect to the heart of Bangkok via 3 bridges crossing the Chao Phraya River; Phra Pinklao Bridge, Rama 8 bridge and Krung Thon Bridge (Sung Hi bridge).

Room Types Site Plan Location Highlights

Project: DETAIL

Project Owner Thanaland Co.,Ltd
Area 2-2-73.5 Rai
Building type 1 Building (23 Floors)
Number of unit 493 unit
Facilities Playground
Swimming Pool
Reading Corner
High Line Garden
Skyline Pavillion
Elevated Yoga Lawn
Mini Theatre & Karaoke Room
Small Garden
Car Wash Area
Parking lots 205 lots (43% excluding double parking)
Coordinate 13.77887, 100.48696
Phone Number 02-434-2000
Website Thana Astoria Pinklao


Thana Astoria Pinklao has full facilities which are mainly on the 5th floor; such as co-working space, reading corner, swimming pool, fitness center, sauna, and more. Including small gardens which can be found all around the building on the 5th floor, rooftop and surrounding areas on the ground floor. For car lovers, there are explicit facilities such as car wash area and tire filling point, at your service within the building. There are 3 residential elevators, which can conveniently serve an average of 9 residential units per 1 elevator, and 1 separated service elevator.

Room Types

The project has 3 room types;
which are a Studio, 1 Bedroom ,and 2 Bedroom, It can be separated into 9 unit types as follows

  • Studio: Room size varies from 22-24 sq.m. Unit type: S
  • 1 Bedroom: Room size varies from 29-46 sq.m. Unit types: 1BB, 1BA, 1BC, 1BD,1BE
  • 2 Bedroom: Room size varies from 48-58 sq.m. Unit types: 2BB, 2BA, 2BC

  • Studio: 22-24 sq.m. (Unit type: S)

    Studio room type has a narrow width with a long length rectangular shape. When you enter the room, you will see a pantry with a bathroom, follows by a broad living room which connects seamlessly to the bedroom without a separate wall. You can enjoy a nice view of Thonburi cityscape from your bed through a long balcony which expands as the room width, enough room to place a washing machine with a capacity of 10 kg. This type of room is suitable for 1 -2 residents who want a broad usable area rather than a dividing private area.

    1 Bedroom: 33-34 sq.m. (Unit type: BA)

    One-bedroom type is the highlight of Thana Astoria project. Neatly planned to make a completely functional room design. This room type can take great views both from a living room and a bedroom. When first entering the door, you will find a living room and a dining area, situated opposite to a kitchen and a walkway towards a bathroom which can only enter from the kitchen. Back to the living room, you will see a wide balcony which is wider than Studio type. Although it has a shorter length than the studio type, it gives more space for the bedroom to see the view of Thonburi cityscape. Further inside is the bedroom which is neatly isolated by a wall partition. This type of room is suitable for people who prefer a separable private space. When welcoming visitors, the residents can still restrain their privacy inside the bedroom.

    Two Bedroom ,size: 48 sqm (type 2BA)

    Two-Bedroom type with a room size of 48 square meters and a rectangular plan. It is similar to the One-bedroom type. You can take great views both from the living room and a master bedroom. However, the room has an additional second bedroom which is big enough to fit a king-size bed. The bedrooms are neatly separated by a brick wall partition, in order to give a private experience and a functional area. This type of room is suitable for a family of 2-3 people or residents who want an additional space to use as a workspace or a reading room.

    Site Plan


    Thana Astoria is located on Charansanitwong road between Soi 44 and 46, on an outbound side towards Tha Phra area. It is not far from Bang Yi Khan MRT Station (blue line) which is expected to be opened in 2020, according to the infrastructure development plan from Bangkok Express Way and Metro (BEM).

    When Bangyikhan MRT Station opens for service, this area will become more accessible. Residents can travel inner city area and many other tourist spots by connecting to a new MRT Blue line part (Hualampong - Lak Song) through Tha Phra station which is only 5 stations away from the condominium.

    Another transport route via metro is traveling north to Tao Poon station (only 6 stations away). You can transfer to MRT Purple Line (Bang Sue - Bang Yai) which will become a big transport hub in the future. This development will thoroughly connect mass transit in Thonburi area to the northern and southern part such as Nonthaburi and Bang Yai area.

    Moreover, you can cross Chao Phraya River to Thewes district from Wat Boworn Mongkol pier (in soi Charansanitwong 46), only 1.7 km away from Thana Astoria.

    In conclusion, Thana Astoria location can easily connect to other areas via various transport modes which are MRT (Coming soon), boat, cars, and other public transportation. Residents can access key attractions in the area easily by private vehicles, the Condominium is located only 1km from Bang Phlat intersection, 1.5 from Arun Ammarin intersection and 6.2 km. from the heart of Bangkok (Victory Monument) which will be the same distance traveling to Thra Pra Intersection.

    Project comment

    Thana Astoria is a flashing new Condominium ready for residents to move in. The project started the ownership transfer process in March and threw a thank-you party in November 2018.

    Photo From Facebook: Thanaland

    The project does a great Job on building management, it is in a good condition even after almost a year since it was opened to public.

    Photos from the real location on 03/02/2019

    Project Highlights

    1.Full Facilities

    The project selling price is not very high considering its outstanding facilities and product qualities, approximately 100, 000 baht per square meter. There are many special facilities which are Broadway Mini Theater & Karaoke Room, car washing area, tire filling points and much more.

    Broadway Mini Theater & Karaoke Room on the 5th floor can serve up to 12 people.

    NY Sport Room on the 2nd floor is designed with Art Deco concept, giving a relaxing and luxurious experience.

    Car Wash area is on the 4th floor, perfect for car lovers who enjoy taking care of their cars without the need to find car washer in the city.

    Tire filling point is conveniently located on the 1st floor for any resident who wants to check their tire before leaving the condominium.

    Moreover, there are many more facilities such as co-working space, sauna, selfie corner, and yoga lawn area. Thana Astoria truly gives a full package of luxurious experience to every resident.

    2. Great detail, good design

    Thana Astoria has a unique Art Deco design theme which is applied to every detail in the building from indoor to outdoor area, common area, and the surrounding areas.

    Exterior design Thana Astoria is shining bright with golden frames weaving around a solid black building, representing an Art Deco design theme., reminding visitors of New York architecture.

    Interior Design The common area is highlighted with a light-deflect material such as marble and mirror. The design is in black & white tones with golden edges, representing modern and luxurious experience.

    Furthermore, the room has a good functional design and smart technologies which support your living basis such as

    The sewage system is carefully placed in the balcony area, in order to prevent water leaking problems due to broken pipes. This neat design also makes it easier for maintenance.

    For music lovers, Thana Astoria has an in-wall Bluetooth speaker. This smart home technology may not be that new but it is definitely useful.

    Floor level technique is another good detail that serves better living condition. The project lower a bathroom floor than other rooms, in order to collect water flow and prevent flooding.

    Outdoor Area Despite exterior and interior area design, Thana Astoria also pays attention to the outdoor area such as,

    Grand fountain in front of the building. If you look into the site plan, the project only has small gardens and trees. However, Thana Astoria gives extra benefit by investing in a grand fountain. It improves the project value as well as the atmosphere.

    Automatic barrier gate in front of the entrance is controlled by a remote ramp system, the same system as Easy Pass which is used by Thailand Expressway. It can release a signal from the resident's car to activate the gate, no need to waste time open and close car's window every time you pass.

    Small gardens can be found all around the project area. Thana Astoria provided a lot of small gardens that residents can chill out and take a selfie.

    Moreover, the construction was completed as accurate to a sample 3D modeling. Buyers who saw the design draft, presented before the construction finished, can see their expectation becomes true.

    3.Urban area, convenient lifestyle

    Since the area has long been a community area, especially in Soi Charansanitwong 46, residents can find many shops and restaurants on every corner of the area.

    Despite all 3 highlights of Thana Astoria that we,, explained in details earlier. Another main highlight is the location. Thana Astoria is located closely to Bangyilkhan MRT metro station, only 2-minute walk (150 Meters). This will be fully accessible in 2020 when a new part of the MRT blue line open for services.

    If you Interested in Thana Astoria Pinklao. You can visit their project to view the rooms and views in person at Thana Astoria sale office within Thana Astoria Condominium. You may explore and get a good deal every day.